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Problem: endangered ecosystem of coral reefs

Solution: creating an innovative eco-friendly brand that engages humans to participate in saving coral reefs

Logo Design and Branding Professional & Custom Company Logos Zoashore Coral Reef Restoration

Climate change and pollution are reasons for the decrease of the ecosystem – factors caused by humans. As well as the fact that all of us humans have the urge to touch everything we see. Instead of saying “DON’T TOUCH!” – ZÓASHORE’s strategy is to involve us into the progress of rebuilding, protecting and saving coral reefs. ZÓASHORE offers a variety of actions, so everyone can be a part of improving, rebuilding and saving an endangered ecosystem. From vacation to education and adoption. This project was my bachelor thesis and I wanted to come up with a purposeful creation, that could possibly change the world for the better. The challenge was not only creating an eco-friendly company, but to reflect these values through eco-friendly brand design.


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social media marketing eco-friendly brand design zoashore
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